3000 Psi | 21 L/Min | Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner – Kerrick (Jumbo)

3000 Psi | 21 L/Min | Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner - Kerrick (Jumbo)

Kerrick (Jumbo) – Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

The Kerrick Jumbo is a 3 Phase powered Hot Water Pressure Washer that delivers 3000 psi water pressure. A beast of a machine the Jumbo hot water pressure washer is large heavy duty cleaner that annihilates dirt, fat, grease or anything else that gets in its way.

Ideal for the industrial sector this machine gets the job done quickly and gets it done properly! Features include the ability to double as a cold water system, time delayed stop, easy access for maintenance, lifting eyelets and the list goes on (see ‘Features’ tab).

The stainless steel cover gives long-lasting protection to your investment and the low-speed Interpump brand ceramic plunger pump offers much longer operational life than older style high-speed machines. If you’re cleaning up the difficult jobs this could be the answer to your prayers.

The Kerrick Jumbo is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn. Comes with 1-year commercial warranty.

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3000 psi hot water high pressure washers by Kerrick

  • Powder coated rugged steel frames
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Double helix 3/8 steel coil
  • Powerful 3 phase 415V unit
  • High pressure detergent application
  • Vertical boiler eliminates hot spots and condensation
  • Large clear fuel filter housing for easy inspection
  • Finger tight couplings on H.P. hose
  • IP56 rated electrical controls
  • Low speed ceramic plunger
  • Interpump pump
  • Larger models include lifting eyelets and ability to double as cold water cleaners
  • Low fuel indicator and low water cut off
  • Delayed stop protects pump from excessive shock loading
  • One year commercial warranty
  • Includes: Gun and 900mm Lance, 10m HP Hose, Nozzle
  • Optional Extras: Turbo nozzle, Telescopic wands, Hose reels, Foam gun, Drain cleaning , Nozzle, Sandblasting kit
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Pump Pressure Bar/Psi 200/3000
Pump Speed RPM 1450
Water Flow QMAX/QIEC L/min 21
Maximum Temperature Degrees Celcius (Water/Steam) 100
Input V/Hz 400/50
Pistons - Ceramic
Power Consumption kW 7.3
Weight Kg 170
Hose Length m 10
Hose Type 3/8 inch two wire braid
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1000x630x850
Name of the Accessory Specifications
HP Hose 10m
Spray Gun -
Lance 900mm
Extension Pole 24'
Hose Reel 3/8 inch 15m 4000psi
Hose Reel 3/8 inch 60m 4000psi
Hose Reel 3/8 inch 45m 5000psi
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