Multi-user High Pressure Cleaners – Clean Machine Vario Series

Clean Machine Vario - multi user high pressure cleaner

Clean Machine Vario – multi user high pressure cleaner

The CM Vario is an industrial class variable speed Pump Station designed for heavy duty multi-user pressure cleaning applications in the food processing, winery and transport industries where there can be more than one user operating at the same time. The CM Vario is designed for plant room installation and uses the industry-leading heavy-duty Comet series 3-piston pumps direct coupled to a heavy duty 4 pole 3phase electric motors. The CM Vario Pump Station handles both cold and hot water applications with temperatures up to 85°C. With hot water removing oil and grease faster and more effectively, thereby increasing cleaning efficiency by up to 50%. Built for heavy duty applications where operating times can exceed 8 hours per day, the CM Vario Pump Station delivers maximum performance every time a gun is activated.

The CM Vario 2P Pump Station can be customized for the number of operators, flow and pressure to meet specific applications needs and to ensure a lower total cost of ownership. They are manufactured and distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn and comes with one year of commercial warranty.

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Multi-user high pressure cleaners - Clean Machine Vario Series

  • Comet quality pumps with brass pump heads
  • 1450 rpm 4 full ceramic pistons and double roller bearings
  • Working pressure up to 207 bar
  • Water flow up to 120 l/m
  • 85°C hot water inlet temperature
  • Innovative stainless steel cabinet
  • Built on galvanised steel frame
  • One year commercial warranty
Specification Unit of Measurement Value-CM Vario
Number of Pumps 1-3
Pump Pressure Bar/Psi 100-350/1500-5000
Water Flow L/min 16-110
Pump RPM 1450
Maximum Inlet Temperature Degrees Celcius 85
Input V/~/Hz/A 440/3/50/15-120
Sound Level db (A) 93
Recommended Average Hours of Use Per Day hours 0-10

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