Westmatic ‘Truck’ Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Large Sized Trucks in Adelaide

Whether you’re an owner/operator, corporate fleet, or retail truck wash site owner, Westmatic offers a variety of large vehicle wash systems which will help you maintain a clean fleet image.

Fleet size, vehicle configuration, and wash schedule are just a few of the factors that will help us determine which system is right for your fleet. Our knowledgeable account managers and in-house design and engineering staff will work with you to determine equipment type, infrastructure, and utility requirements for your project.

To effectively manage today’s challenging truck configurations, we recommend Westmatic versatile Rollover/Gantry machine. The machine does all the work and does not rely on individual drivers to manoeuvre or drive through the wash process. In a gantry setting, the driver is directed by traffic signals to pull in up to the gantry and park. The machine begins the selected wash cycle and moves down the vehicle on a floor-mounted track. Wash cycle times range from 5-10 minutes per truck depending on selected wash cycle options. The gantry is available in a full brush configuration, as a touchless machine, or in combination.

If your fleet has a demanding wash schedule (50+ trucks per day) choose a Westmatic drive-through system. A reduced wash cycle time of approximately 90 seconds per truck gets a large fleet clean and back on the street in no time. Westmatic 2-Brush “Hybrid” Drive-Through combines intelligent brushes with high-pressure spray arches for touchless cleaning.

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