Automotive & Carwash

Is vehicle damage from pressure cleaning equipment costing you money?

Consider a well laid-out washbay with an overhead rotating boom to save on labour cost and avoid paint damage.

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Washbay Fitouts

Over 60% of maintenance costs on pressure cleaners is directly related to hose, gun and lance damage! Let us reduce your overall costs while creating a safer work environment.

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Wall & Rack Mounted

Is your pressure cleaner in the washbay? Do you wonder about the high cost to maintain it? By remotely locating wall and rack mounted pressure cleaners, you can greatly reduce costs in the long run.

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Track Systems & Booms

A well laid out washbay can speed up your vehicle cleaning by up to 40%! Increase efficiency instantly by getting hoses off the ground quickly and lowering maintenance costs.

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Cold Pressure Cleaners

Are you only washing the exterior of cars? In that case a cold water pressure cleaner will be ample. If you wash more than 1 hr / days you should look for a slow speed industrial unit to save over time.

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Hot & Cold Pressure Cleaners

Do you have a need to also wash engines, transmissions and other greasy and oily areas of vehicles. Then look towards a hot water machine to make quick work of removing grease and oil.

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Vacuums & Shampooers

Are you tired of poor performing vacuums requiring constant filter cleaning? If so look at our wide range including units with automatic filter cleaning function.

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Are you using the right equipment to work both safely and efficiently? Check out our range of accessories to assist you in improving efficiency.

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Hose Reels

Are you sick of hoses getting driven over and damaged? Eliminate the safety hazards and excuses not to leave the wash area tidy! Let us fit a hose reel from our wide range.

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Foaming Equipment

Do you a have a need to sanitize in food production areas as part of your cleaning tasks? Have a look at the revolutionary EzyFoam system to reduce your chemical and labour costs!


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