Commercial Sweeper – Nilfisk SR1101 (Battery)

Commercial Sweeper - Nilfisk SR1101 (Battery)

Nilfisk SR1101 (Battery) – Commercial Sweeper

The vast majority of ride-on professional sweeping jobs demand a machine that is compact, maneuverable and reliable. The SR 1101 B represents simplicity and robustness in its most sophisticated form and is recommended for large outside areas around factory’s, warehouses, car parks and shopping centers.

Made by Danish manufacturer Nilfisk the SR 1101 B is a commercial battery operated ride on sweeper with forward and backwards operation.

SR 1101 B is easy to operate with a self-explanatory control panel which means less operator training time is required. The SR 1101 B battery operation means it is ideally suited to indoor operation as well. It has a large range of optional accessories to ensure the flexibility to choose the right tool for job a better and faster cleaning.

The 70 litre hopper offers greater debris storage and less emptying time.

SR 1101 B makes cleaning both economical and productive and is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn. The SR 1101 B is eligible for three years’ warranty (conditions apply).

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Commercial ride on sweeper (battery operated) by Nilfisk

  • Adjustable steering and seat
  • Battery version offers up to 5 hours of running time
  • Climbing rate up to 20%
  • A large flap and 70 l of hopper to easy collect dirt and large debris
  • 4.3 m2 of filter for an optimal dust control
  • Strong polyethylene construction plus steel frame; with robust solutions to avoid sources of malfunctions and minimize service
  • Theoretical productivity of 4900 m2 per hour with the optional left side broom
  • Electrical Filter Shaker
  • Reversing warning alarm
  • Parking brake
  • Low dump
  • Wet sweep by-pass
  • Forward and backwards operation
  • Eligible for 3 year warranty (conditions apply)
  • Includes: Main Broom, Filter Paper Panel, Side Broom, Battery Charger Kit, TE35-GEL Battery 6V (x4)
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Input Volts 24
Productivity Rate 1 Side Broom m2/hr (theoretical/actual) 4900/3430
Productivity Rate 2 Side Brooms m2/hr (theoretical/actual) 6300/4410
Working Speed Km/hr 5
Vacuum Motor Watts 560
Sweeping Path mm 700
Sweeping Path (with 1 Side Broom) mm 980
Sweeping Path (with 2 Side Brooms) mm 1260
Min. turn-around aisle width cm 238
Max. Climbing Rate % 20
Main Filter Area m2 3.6
Main Broom Speed rpm 550
Hopper Volume L 70
Main Broom mm 700x300
Side Broom Diameter mm 420
Sound Pressure Level db(A) 68.3
Battery compartment siz mm (LxWxH) 660x440x370
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1480x930x1220
Net Weight Kg 255
Operating Weight Kg 465
Flap lifting device Yes
Adjustable steering and seat Yes
Electrical filter shaker Yes
Back up warning alarm Yes
Parking brake Yes
Low dump Yes
Horn Yes
Wet sweep by-pass Yes
Forward & backward pedal Yes
Name of the Accessory Specifications
Charger On Board
Battery 6V Gel Cell Deep Cycle
Main Broom Steel Mix
Main Broom Polyproplyene
Main Broom Natural
Side Broom Natural
Side Broom Steel mix
Side Brush Kit LEFT
Filter Polyester - Antistatic
Filter Paper Panel
Safety Beacon Light Kit -
Carpet Kit -
Set of Mini Bins -
Vacuum Kit On board
Working Light Kit -
Overhead Guard Kit -
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