Commercial Scrubber and Dryer – Nilfisk BR755

Commercial Scrubber and Dryer - Nilfisk BR755

Nilfisk BR755 – Commercial Scrubber and Dryer

The Nilfisk BR755 Ride-On 710mm Scrubber Dryer is a scrubber dryer focussed on performance, ergonomics and reliability.

The advanced BR755 can be accessed from either side and has extremely low sound level making anytime cleaning in busy and sensitive work areas possible. It has outstanding traction for efficient double scrubbing tasks, wet floors and ramps. The Ecoflex™ system controls consumption optimizing water and chemical use, while providing the possibility to temporarily boost water, detergent and brush pressure for more challenging cleaning tasks. The BR755 ride-on provides excellent drying efficiency on every floor type with a powerful 3 stage vacuum motor.

The Steering column is fully adjustable providing for driving position ergonomics and comfortable, and a bidirectional pedal controls the direction of travel. The control panel is intuitive, functional and easy to understand and operate. Up to 96kg of scrubbing pressure can be used for those stubborn areas and high productivity is ensured with 106 litre tank capacity.

The BR755 distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn is simply the better choice of ride-on scrubber dryer and comes with one year of commercial warranty.

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Ride On commercial low noise scrubber and dryer by Nilfisk

  • OneTouch™ control panel simplifies operations for greater ease of use
  • High manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas
  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides for a wider range of cleaning applications
  • Integrated vacuum motor with low noise level allows use in daytime cleaning applications
  • Eligible for 3 years commercial warranty
  • Includes: Side Skirt Kit, Brush Polypropylene (x2), On-Board Charger Kit, EV305A-A Battery 6 Volt (x4), Squeegee Blade Kit - Linatex, Debris Tray Kit
Specification Unit of Measurement Value (71/86/71C)
Input Volts 24
Rated Power Watts 1920
Vacuum Motor Power Watts 560
Brush Motor Power Watts 375
Scrubbing Width mm 710
Solution/ Recovery Rank L 106/106
Squeegee Width mm 105
Productivity Rate m2/hr - theoretical(actual) 4470/3130
Working Speed Km/ hr 6.3
Brush Pressure Kg 27/36/45
Sound Pressure db(A) 63
Brush Size mm 710
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1520x800x1310
Net Weight Kg 245
Operating Weight Kg 660
Name of the Accessory Value
On Board Charger -
Battery 6 Volt 4 required
Brush 180 Grit Blue/Grey 2 required
Brush Hard Nylon 2 required
Brush Polypropylene 2 required
Brush Soft Nylon 2 Required
Skirt Squeegee Blade Kit Gum -
Squeegee Blade Kit PU -
Squeegee Blade Kit Gum -
Ecoflex Detergent Kit -

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