Commercial Scrubber and Dryer – Nilfisk SC 450

Commercial Scrubber and Dryer - Nilfisk SC 450

Nilfisk SC 450 – Commercial Scrubber and Dryer

In line with the century-old Danish manufacturing tradition the Nilfisk SC450 combines performance, reliability and productivity in a well-designed, ease of use and cost efficient all round commercial scrubber dryer. SC450 low noise scrubber dryer performs equally well in noise sensitive areas on floors of schools, hospitals, shops, warehouses and offices. It is designed for comfort and efficiency with easy maintenance, low consumption of water, detergents and energy. The SR 450 comes standard with one year commercial warranty and is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn.

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Walk behind commercial low noise scrubber and dryer by Nilfisk

  • Delivers greater productivity and reliability with a design that makes this scrubber dryer easy to use and maintain
  • Low noise level allows for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas
  • Polyethylene corrosion-proof tank provides greater durability
  • Automatic squeegee release system avoids unnecessary damage when obstacles are hit
  • Vacuum motor automatically shuts off when tank is full, preventing overflow
  • Large recovery tank and removable lid for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fast and hygienic
  • Most of the electrical components are placed in dedicated waterproof box for reliability and safety
  • Includes: DCR-EV31A-A Battery 12V (x2), On Board Charger, Pad Holder, Prolene Brush, Squeegee Blade Kit
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Input Volts 24
Rated Power Watts 810
Water Flow l/min 0.4-1.6
Air Flow l/sec 23
Handle Vibration Level m/s2 2.5
Max. Climbing Rate % 2
Scrubbing Width mm 530
Solution/ Recovery Rank L 40/45
Squeegee Width mm 760
Productivity Rate m2/hr (theoretical/actual) 2120/1272
Brush/Pad Speed rpm 154
Brush Quantity/ Type 1/Disc
IP Protection Class IPx4
Brush Pressure Kg 34
Sound Pressure db(A) 68
Brush/Pad Diameter mm 530/508
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1174x760x980
Battery Compartment Size mm (LxWxH) 350x350x300
Gross Weight Kg (with batteries) 190
Weight Kg 76
Battery version Yes
Blades can be used on 4 edges Yes
Battery level indicator Yes
Ergonomic handle with two Yes
Safety switches Yes
Quick change system for squeegee blades Yes
Squeezable drain hose Yes
Squeegee Yes
Name of the Accessory Specifications
Battery 12V (2 required)
Charger Kit Onboard
Pad Holder 530mm
Pad Holder Flat 508mm
Squeegee Blade Kit Gum Rubber 740mm
Prolene Brush 530mm
Prolite Brush 530mm
Union Mix Brush 530mm
Midlite Grit 180 Brush 530mm
Midgrit 240 Brush 530mm
Dyna Grit 80 Brush 530mm
Splash Guard Kit 530mm
Squeegee Blade Kit 740mm
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