Commercial Scrubber and Dryer – Nilfisk SC 500

Commercial Scrubber and Dryer - Nilfisk SC 500

Nilfisk SC 500 – Commercial Scrubber and Dryer

The Nilfisk SC500 walk-behind scrubber dryer is carefully designed to improve your productivity and to drive down your total cleaning costs. With more ease-of-use and technical features that enable anytime use and the more effective use of water and detergent.

A reliable choice for cleaning companies, hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centers, restaurants, hotels, and production floors.

The SC500 productivity is taken to new levels with automatic adjustment of the water and detergent solution flows according to the speed of the machine. This flow control ensures a consistent cleaning result and optimises consumption of water and chemicals. All the operator has to do is focus on getting the job done.

Cleaning costs are reduced due to the sustainable Nilfisk Ecoflex system which offers efficient use of detergent and water for cleaning with the push of a button. As well the remarkably low sound level of the SC500 provides the opportunity to use the SC500 anytime of the day.

The Nilfisk SC500 is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn and comes with one year of commercial warranty.

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Walk behind commercial low noise scrubber and dryer by Nilfisk

  • Designed to provide an easy, cost effective, environmentally sustainable cleaning solution
  • 530mm brush deck with adjustable brush speed control for differing floor conditions
  • Actuator motor makes lowering and raising the brush deck easier and safer
  • SmartFlow™ automatically adjusts detergent/water flow according to the speed of the machine for consistent cleaning performance
  • Separate keys for operators and super users ensures machine settings are controlled
  • Plastic squeegee with a patented elastic strap system for easy cleaning and fast blade changing
  • Available in Basic in Full Package
  • Ideal for sports centres, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.
  • Comes with 1 year commercial warranty
  • Includes: Battery 12 Volt 120AH (105AH with Full Package) (x2), Prolene Disc Brush 530mm, Pad Holder 530mm, On Board Charger, Squeegee Blade Kit, Filling Hose, Tray Debris Kit, Smart Key - User, Smart Key - Supervisor, Ecoflex Chemical Kit (only available with Full Package)
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Input Volts 24
Rated Power Watts 930
Vacuum Motor Power Watts 280
Brush Motor Power Watts 450
Traction Motor Power Watts 200
Scrubbing Width mm 530
Solution/ Recovery Rank L 45/45
Squeegee Width mm 720
Productivity Rate m2/hr - theoretical(actual) 2650(1590)
Working Speed Km/ hr 4
Brush Pressure Kg 15/ 30
Sound Pressure db(A) 63
Brush/ Pad Diameter mm 530/ 508
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1277x720x1063
Net Weight Kg 83 (85 for Full Package)
Operating Weight Kg 207
Name of the Accessory Specifications
Battery 12V (2 required)
Charger Kit Onboard
Pad Holder Kit 530mm
Pad Holder Flat 508mm
ECO Black Pad 508mm 5 Pack
ECO Blue Pad 508mm 5 Pack
ECO Brown Pad 508mm 5 Pack
ECO Green Pad 508mm 5 Pack
ECO Red Pad 508mm 5 Pack
Filling Hose -
Splash Guard Bristle Kit 510 mm
Anti-foaming Filter -
Mop and Trash Kit -
Smart Key - User -
Smart Key - Operator -
Eco-Flex Kit -
Brush Disc 530 mm Prolene
Brush Disc 530 mm Prolite
Brush Disc 530 mm 21 Magna Grit 46
Brush Disc 530 mm 21 Dyna Grit 80
Brush Disc 530 mm 21 Aglite Grit 500
Squeegee Blade Kit 730mm
Prolene Brush 430mm
Squeegee Blade 730mm 29 PU kit
Squeegee Blade 730mm 29 Red Gum kit /td>
Squeegee Blade 730mm 29 Gum kit

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