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Did you know . . .

. . . that most hot water pressure cleaners actually don’t produce hot enough water to sanitize?

Ask us about our products that WILL do the job.

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Electric Drive Hot Water

Combine high pressure and hot water and get serious stain removal and disinfecting power. Check out our range of electric drive hot water units.

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Vacuums & Shampooers

Are you tired of poor performing vacuums requiring constant filter cleaning? If so look at our wide range including units with automatic filter cleaning function.

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Scrubbers & Sweepers

Whether you are after a small scrubber for a kitchen or a large sweeper for an entire site, we have a large range on offer.

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Foaming Equipment

Do you a have a need to sanitize in food production areas as part of your cleaning tasks? Have a look at the revolutionary EzyFoam system that will save chemical and labour costs!


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Central Vacuum Systems

Do you perform repetetive cleaning tasks with large amount of debris to empty and remove? Consider an industrial central vacuum system based on the renowned NILFISK CFM vacuum systems.

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Gerni Booster Series

Supply high pressure water for barrel cleaners and spray guns throughout the winery with one of our purpose built pump stations. Available in 1-36 pump versions to cater for any size winery!

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Cold Electric Pressure Cleaners

For smaller cleanup jobs where there is not excessive amounts of stains and oil to remove, a cold water electric unit is the most cost effective solution.

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Are you using your time in the most efficient way? Have a look at our accessories that can save thousands of dollars in labour cost.

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Gas Heated Water

Don’t have enough hot water available? We specialize in facilitating gas heater installations to feed our pump stations and hot water ring mains.

Heating, Cooling & Misting

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