Hydro-Jet Drain Jetters vs Drain Snakes


Plumbers are fast replacing their traditional Drain Snakes with modern, highly efficient, vehicle-mounted hydro-jet Drain Jetters. As of today, more than 30% of plumbers in South Australia have discarded their drain snakes because they are outdated, slow, and inefficient.

A professional plumber would know by experience that drain snakes become ineffective on blocked drains after a few uses, because:

They only offer a temporary solution to recurring drain blockages.
They are ineffective in completely clearing tree roots and other debris.
This is a big loss for both customers and plumbers, as customers remain dissatisfied because of recurring problems and spending, whereas plumbers face reputational loss which eventually results in the loss of repeat business and referrals.

So, what should a plumber do?

What other plumbers with strong business acumen have done.

Switch to Drain Jetters!

Hydro-Jet Drain jetters use the power of 5000 psi high-pressure water through rotating, piecing and pulling nozzle systems to clear blockages. These nozzle jets cut through organic matter, roots and all, like a hot knife through butter, leaving nothing behind except a pipe in pristine new condition.

Drain Jetter nozzles have jets facing in different directions to create nozzle rotation and to propel it along while it scours the inside surfaces removing blockages and build-up as it goes. The hose is automatically pulled into the drainpipe by nozzle water pressure.

Drain jetters can be mounted or customized to suit the vehicle of your choices such as a


Van-Mounted Drain/Hydro Jetter

Van-Mounted Drain/Hydro Jetter


Ute-Mounted Drain/Hydro Jetter

Ute-Mounted Drain/Hydro Jetter

or Trailer.

The biggest benefit of all – while drain snakes can also be used by DIYers, drain jetters can only be operated by a professional plumber.

As more and more plumbers switch to drain jetters, customer demands will only increase for plumbers with drain jetters. So, if you have not made the move yet, join the fast-growing community of drain jetting plumbers today by calling 1300624222.

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