1 Motor | 1500 Watts | Wet Vacuum Cleaner (Pump Out) – Nilfisk Attix 751-61

1 Motor - 1500 Watts - Wet Vacuum Cleaner (Pump Out) - Nilfisk Attix 751-61

Nilfisk Attix 751-61 – Wet Vacuum Cleaner (Pump Out)

ATTIX 751-61 LIQUID VACUUM is specially designed for demanding wet vacuuming applications like flood pickup, spillages, wet floor recovery and clean up after fires. It has been built with high suction power and easy liquid discharge in a robust construction which combines ease of mobility.

ATTIX 751-61 provides extended vacuuming time between empties with a 70-liter tilt and lift-off recovery container system which is convenient and easy to operate. The built-in pump system allows you to vacuum liquids at a rate of 200 L/min while simultaneously discharging it at a rate of 300 L/min, up to 9 m high and 50 m away.

The double stainless steel filter sieve system protects the pump and turbine while the quiet operation lets you vacuum when other workers are around without disturbing them. The special MWF model (Mobile Wet vacuum for Firefighting services) is designed for storage in fire trucks and includes ground fault circuit breaker (PRCD) and IP68 plug for additional safety in wet environments. The ATTIX 751-61 LIQUID VACUUM is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn and comes with one year of commercial warranty.

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Attix 751-61 industrial wet only vacuum cleaner with pump out

  • Designed for demanding wet applications where easy liquid discharge, high suction power, robust construction and high mobility are required
  • Built-in disposal pump for continuous and automatic liquid discharge
  • Stainless steel container
  • Double-filter sieve system to protect the pump
  • Tilting for easy emptying
  • IP68 electrical plug connection
  • SilentPower provides high performance and low noise level
  • MultiFit accessory system for the ultimate flexibility
  • AntiStatic and SoftStart system
  • One year commercial warranty
  • Includes: 15475 Wet Filter Sieve
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Input V/~/Hz/A 230/1/50-60/16
Main Filter Type Wet filter sieve
Power Pmax Watts 1500
Power Piecx Watts 1200
Air flow L/min 3600
Vacuum (at Nozzle) mbar/kpa 230/23
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 57
Suction/ Discharge Capacity L/min in/out 200/300
Container Volume L 70
Weight Kg 33
Cable Length m 7.5
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 605x580x970
Softstart Yes
Cable Holder Yes
Motor speed control Yes
Robust steel chassis Yes
Tilting container Yes
Name of the Accessory Specifications
Trade & Industrial Set Includes stainless steel suction tubes, floor nozzle with brush & rubber strips, crevice tool, rubber nozzle
Hose set 36mm - includes 4m hose, hand tube & adaptor
Flat rubber nozzle -
Accessory net -
Suction hose 36mm, 4m
Suction hose 36mm, 4m, Oil resistant
Curved Hand Piece Stainless Steel
Extension Tube Set Stainless Steel (x2) 505mm
Wet Floor Nozzle 450mm
Wet Filter Sieve -
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