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Barrel cleaners use twin or quad pin jet rotating nozzle connected to high pressure hot water to physically remove tartrates from the internal surfaces. Depend on the racking system used the nozzle is either inserted from the top of the barrel or underneath and the brands we support include: PA, Bolondi, Moog, Clean Machine EZYLift and EZYUnder.

The pin jets typically rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of the internal surfaces. With a quad pin jet nozzle configuration every surface of the barrel is covered within 105 seconds. Using the quad pin jet rotating nozzle Clean Machine has developed two barrel cleaning systems to help improve productivity and safety. The EZYLift and EZYUnder.


Keeping equipment spotless is of primary importance for the cleanliness and the smooth operation of the winery. Regular cleaning ensures a safe and efficient operation. A stationary installation and ring mains system with multiple outlets in a winery means the cleaning process can be done more efficiently, frequently and to a high standard. With careful planning we can design a system whereby multiple people can be operating at the same time. High pressure take off points are strategically placed around the facility while the pressure cleaners, water supply, hot water service, foaming system, electrics etc. are located in a dedicated area away from equipment, vehicles and people.

A reticulated high pressure Ring Mains will improve productivity and safety. Reducing the hazards of long hoses, and electrical cables on the floor and keeps diesel fumes out of the winery makes for a safer working environment.

Clean Machine Winery Installation

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Stainless Plumbing

Would you like to just connect short, easy to use hoses throughout your winery avoiding wasted time and minimising trip and electrical hazards? A well laid out ring mains may just be the answer!

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Gerni Booster Series

Supply high pressure water for barrel cleaners and spray guns throughout the winery with one of our purpose built pump stations. Available in 1-36 pump versions to cater for any size winery!

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Gas Heated Water

Never have to handle diesel fuel in your winery ever again! We specialize in facilitating gas heater installations to feed our pump stations and hot water ring mains.

Gas Heating

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Electric Drive Hot Water

Combine high pressure and hot water and get serious stain removal and disinfecting power. Check out our range of Electric drive hot water units.

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Barrel Cleaners

We supply a range of water and electric drive barrel and tank cleaners. We also have a dedicated workshop for barrel cleaners!

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Cold Electric Pressure Cleaners

For the lighter cleaning task, a standard cold water machine may just be the most appropriate solution. Check out our range!

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Scrubbers & Sweepers

Do you have a need to sweep and clean hard surfaces in warehouses, barrel halls etc? Have look at our extensive range of Scrubbers and Sweepers for all types of applications.

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Engine Drive Cold Water

The best way to get serious mobile cleaning power for maintenance tasks is to go engine drive. Check out our wide range of petrol and diesel drive cold water machines.

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Foaming Equipment

Do you a have a need to sanitize in food production areas as part of your cleaning tasks? Have a look at the revolutionary EzyFoam system that will save chemical and labour costs!


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